Wrap Deformer doesn't work in Unity?

Hi, I have a model I made in Maya. It has clothes that I attached to my model with a Wrap Deformer so that the clothes move with the body of the model, however, the wrap deformer seems to be completely irrelevant to Unity once I import it. I don’t understand why this is. Does Unity just NOT support deformers at all? Is there a similar function I can use in Unity to make it work just like the wrap deformer? What should I do?

Nope. Unity doesn’t suppport what are considered “custom rigs,” which include blend shapes, lattice deformers, and apparently wrap deformer. Essentially anything that is considered a “vertex” animation. It only recently began supporting IK.

My guess is that you are a traditional 3D animator, and you’re used to rigging for film. More than likely, you’re going to have to re-learn how to make game-friendly rigs. For now, I would suggest smooth binding the clothes, and painting weights. In my experience, it is best to do as much animation using bones as possible.