Writing to Monodevelop's "Application Output" window

I'm debugging a standalone Unity player using Monodevelop 2.4 for Windows.

Is there a way to write to the "Application Output" window? I've tried using both Debug.Log and Console.WriteLine but these don't generate anything. Currently the only output I'm getting is stuff about loading assemblies and resolving breakpoint locations.

Alternatively, is there any way for me to pipe the contents of the Unity player's output_log.txt file into the Application Output window in Monodevelop?

You could take the Unity Addin for MonoDevelop and modify it to read process output from a log file, like MonoDevelop's Mac App Bundle debugger does using a special process wrapper.

Necro thread rise! This would be highly useful.

Surprised there is very little help or requests for this - would be very useful.