Writing with prefabs instead of letters

Hi there !

I’d love to make a narrative game with text, where the letters appear as if they were written during the game.
Had a few thoughts about it, but still, I didn’t come up with a solution that fitted what I’m seeking. That’s why I wanted some advices.
I found a tutorial to make this effect on AfterEffects but the video is way too heavy if I want to write pages. Another solution is to turn it into a sequence of png and to animate them in Unity. Tried it, it’s still mega heavy (to write “Hello”, weighs 1.73 Mo). So I came up with this idea : make one animation for each letter and then write the text with these animated prefabs. But another problem comes up : if I want to write a full text, I feel like it’s going to be quite long to place one prefab after another.
So here’s my question : is there a way to use a custom editor that would write with prefabs instead of letters ? Or a way to add an animation to a letter in a certain way ?

Thank you for reading !

You can do this with text components for a more lightweight solution, you just need to add each letter individually and add a delay between them. You can make a method to take an input string and use it as an array of characters. A string is really an array of char, so if you have string myWord happy; you can go char myLetter=word[2]; and then letter will equal p. So you take an input string, use a loop to print each element to a text component with a delay and the text will be animating.