wrong animation is played


I've modelled and animated a dragon in blender 2.5. It has a couple of actions, 'walk', 'neck' among others. I've connected the script to the game object:

function Update () { animation.Play("neck", PlayMode.StopAll); }

When I run game 'walk' is played, not 'neck'. I'm confused, no errors on the console. Maybe there was something wrong with the export?, how to check it?

here is the exported file: dragon

I do believe you named the animations wrong. Have you tried making it play "Walk"? After you play the "walk" animation does it play "neck"? You should double check that you named them correctly in blender. I hope I helped.

Really no one to suggest a solution?. Maybe providing a source blend could help ?

Select your model in the "Hierarchy" take a look in the "Inspector" and check if the checkbox for "Play Automatically" is selected. If yes, uncheck it.

When you export, make sure you check the “all actions” box, otherwise there will only be one animation on the model.