Wrong order of objects renderring in the game view

I encountered a problem making my simple card game. Card objects are instantiated in front of the camera, one by one with little shift by Z-axis to represent how we hold them in real life. But what looks correct on the scene view, doesn’t on the game view!
Check that King of Clubs and if I move camera left the next card hides behind (Ace of Clubs, Nine of Spades and so on):

Occasionally I found topic with the same issue dated 2012:

Suggestions were next:

  • dramatically increase z-gap between
  • switch the camera to orthographic

That is not my case, cause I need a 3d-perspective and z increasing must be really significant, which breaks the idea of how it should look.

I can’t believe that there is no elegant solution to this problem up for now. So your help will be highly appreciated cause I really stuck on this (

Have you tried moving the camera further away from the cards/ changing the frustum?

Alternatively if you know the ordering you could explicitly tell the shader what their ordering should be.