Wrong position of TextMeshPro in a 2D Game

Hi everyone,

I'm using the TextMeshPro for displaying the total points of a user. However, I'm getting some sort of error regarding its position.

When looking in the Game view tab, it looks correct, as the image below.

However, when looking in the Simulator window (which I believe is the correct one), it looks wrong.

By the way, the Game view represents the exact position I've used in the editor. Additionally, I'm using the Screen Space Overlay as the render mode for canvas.

Does anyone can help me to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Here are some notes on UI Anchoring, Scaling, CanvasScaler, etc:



Usually you need to choose a suitable ScaleMode and MatchMode in the Canvas Scaler and stick with it 100%. Generally if you change those settings you will often need to redo your UI entirely.

I also use this CanvasScalerOrientationDriver utility to make sharing UI for Landscape / Portrait easier. Read what it does carefully.


The 2D feature set does not include UI. I'll move your post the UGUI/TextMeshPro forum. Please use that for this feature.