Wrong revenue?

Hi guys, i've got a problem.. in the last two days, analytics tells me that i've got a 28$ revenue from android users, but when i go to google merchant center, the total revenue it's 1$... i'm sure the code has no errors; it's like this:

public void onItemPurchased(PurchasableVirtualItem pvi, string payload) {
if (pvi.ItemId == "credits089"){
PlayerPrefs.SetInt ("Credits",PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("Credits") + 100);
Analytics.Transaction("Credits 0,89",0.89m,"EUR",null,null);

Could this be a problem of analytics or merchant center (google) has a long delay ?

Hi @narger ,

Can you please submit a support ticket here, https://analytics.cloud.unity3d.com/support It will send me some more information about your game so I can look into this for you.

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