Wrong rotation / position / scale when exporting FBX from Blender

This is a Q/A, if you already know the problem skip to the answer :slight_smile:

Let’s say you have made a model in Blender.

Something beautiful like this:


You have finished it and export it to *.fbx format.
But the import in Unity actually looks like this:


  • The Scale is wrong. (It’s 100. If the cube was 1 unit in Blender, you want it 1 unit in Unity!)
  • There is some weird rotation on the X Axis. (-90° why?)
  • Even if you remove the X rotation it’s completly wrong in place and rotation.
  • When you have multiple meshes in one model they are at the wrong places too

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the model just as you have created and can see it in Blender?
Who cares for the Axis names, if you stack 2 boxes above each other in Blender you want them to be the same way in Unity right?

The solution

I made a model postprocessor for Unity’s importer.
It’s inspired by the blender importer from the wiki page.

You can get the code for it here: FixFbxModelPostprocessor.cs · GitHub

Just paste it in your editor project.

It does all the things to wipe away the conversion problems with Blender.
This is the result:

As you can see there is no translation, rotation or scaling on the object. It just works right away even when you use drag & drop.

When using the Blender FBX export you can use the default settings with one exception: The Small button next to the scale has to be activated. Thats it.

Even mutiple sub meshes are translated correctly:

I didn’t test animations yet, but they should work.