Wrong values for ILeaderboard.maxRange

I’m trying to determine the number of entries in a Game Circle leaderboard.

After calling ILeaderboard.LoadScores, I receive the expected data in ILeaderboard.scores, but the value of maxRange, which should be the total amount of scores the leaderboard contains, seems to be set to a large random number, different after each score request. What should I do to get the correct value?

ILeaderboard unityLeaderboard;

void RequestLeaderboard(string leaderboardToRequest)
    unityLeaderboard = Social.CreateLeaderboard();
    unityLeaderboard.id = leaderboardToRequest;
    unityLeaderboard.range = new Range(1, 25);
    unityLeaderboard.timeScope = TimeScope.AllTime;
    unityLeaderboard.userScope = UserScope.Global;

void HandleLoadScoresCompleted(bool success)
    if (success)

7 years later, and I’m having the same problem. That is, after a call to LoadScores, maxRange is some random, large integer. So I tried writing my own plugin, and get the correct value in my objective-c call, so this really seems to be a Unity bug that has never been fixed. If you need this value, write your own plugin I guess, or use Prime31’s plugin, which apparently works a lot better than Unity’s API.