[WSA] WinRTBridge TypeInitializationException


I created clear app in Unity 5.3.4 and build it for WSA (phone 8.1). Game worked well at device. After this, i added Adjust SDK plugin (https://github.com/adjust/unity_sdk) and built it. When i'm launch app, i see black screen. Then i tried deploy game from project solution and got the exception (pic. 1 and 2). Okay, i'm tried to find out more about this exception and what i got (pic. 3) How i can fix it?
Look at pic. 4, project with one scene and one plugin.


P.S. After building, Unity show me 15 errors.


Where did you get that Microsoft.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll? Are sure it's compatible with WSA?
If that dll is compatible with WSA, you can mark it unprocessed in Unity, that would fix the last error that you get.

Yeah, this libs is a part of Adjust SDK (pic. 7) Hm, okay, but what i should do, to fix exception?