WWW 16 bits textureformat download possible?

Is it possible to download textures which are 16bits into a 16bits texture directly?

Right now, when its downloaded its always 32 bits. Which is silly, since I want the 16bits. SO I need to convert it to another texture...

Can it be done in one go?

You could use an AssetBundle to download assets exactly as you imported them into Unity. Why do you require your textures to be in 16 bit format?

Edit: AssetBundles are indeed a Pro only feature. But, to save memory, compressed textures are much more useful then 16-bit textures anyways, as they are smaller and natively supported by the GPU. compressed textures can be loaded using WWW.LoadImageIntoTexture!

No, 16-bit is not supported for downloads through WWW. There's no such thing as a 16-bit JPG or PNG anyway.