www AudioClip returning incorrect length

I am getting a .ogg file from a www. When i poll clip.length it is returning 48695.77 seconds.
If I drag that same file into the editor, the length is displayed at 0.821 seconds.

// ...loading a local Audio file with an www.
var www : WWW = new WWW("file://C:\Users\...\voc_01.ogg");
yield www;

var clip : AudioClip = www.GetAudioClip(true,true);
if (clip != null)
     Debug.Log("SoundLength = " + clip.length);

why is clip.length spitting out such a huge number? What am I doing wrong here?

You can’t get the lenght of a streaming audioclip. You need to wait for all the data to be loaded.

Try that:
www.GetAudioClip(true, false);

(if you can non-streaming audio)