WWW class doesn't read widechar url???

hi there,

i want to use WWW class to read .unity3d files from my local hard drivers,so i need to pass a string with full path like


to WWW function (...new WWW(filepath)..).

this is ok when i pass a string in english,but,i am from asia,and my OS using widechar/unicode chars,if i pass a path string including wide char(CJK chars) ,the www class won't work!!!

like this: WWW w=new WWW("file://c:/myfile/../dat/a.unity3d");

Does WWW function only read ASCII or ANSI chars or what?? Do i need to use System.Text.encoding or something?

please help!!!

I consider this a bug. Please file a bug report on this. But, in order for us to look into it, we need some more information, in particular, which platform are you seeing this on. The WWW class uses different implementations in the web plugin (which then depends on the browser used) and in the editor/standalone, so it is important to know which one to check.

This looks like a bug indeed. You can achieve the same results by using System.IO.File.ReadAllText(".difficultfilename");

make sure that the script that contains this code itself is saved in UTF8 encoding.

Bug still present (Unity 4.3.4f1).

For further reference, if anybody wants to read local filesystem texture (from path that contains unicode chars), you can use something like:

image = new Texture2D(500, 500, textureFormat, false);