WWW Error : 404 with working url

Hi there. Can’t get out of my 404 error !

My php request works fine in editor, but when I build ( Webgl ), it returns me a 404 Not Found ( the url is still correct in the log )

my code can’t be easier, I call this coroutine :

public  IEnumerator WaitRequest( WWW request, Risque[] risques)
    yield return request;

    // check for errors
    if (request.error == null)
        Debug.Log(request.url + "WWW Ok!: " + request.text);
    else {
        Debug.Log(request + " url " +request.url+  "  WWW Error: " + request.error);
    yield return null;


Editor return the response, the build return " WWW Error: 404 Not Found " both in Chrome and Mozzila.

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance !

Ok little update : Found in my console that my request was modified ( and i don’t not why ) to something like : htp://Adresse/ShouldNot/Be/Added/ MyGoodUrl

So my url is good in the log but when the request is launched the address of the current page is added before my url … And the 404 is logical…

Why is my request modified ?

Resolved : Response was in the doc, just put // before the url.

Fun fact is I put them firs time but \ don’t work in editor so I removed them … Ayem !