WWW GetAudioClip not working correctly for Unity 4?

I just upgraded to Unity 4 from 3.5 and ran into a problem. I was able to load mp3s from a user selected directory and play them in game, but now my code does not seem to load the audio at all. The following code is used to get the audio clip. Again, this worked fine before. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        WWW www = new WWW(@"file://" + userFilePath);

        yield return www;

        if (www.error == null)
            if (userFilePath.Contains(".mp3") || userFilePath.Contains(".Mp3") || userFilePath.Contains(".MP3"))
	            song.clip = www.GetAudioClip(false, true, AudioType.MPEG);

This issue seems fixed in Unity 4.5.4f1. I load my files with:

AudioClip clip = www.GetAudioClip(false, false, AudioType.AUDIOQUEUE);

Be mindful of the path, especially on iOS when reading off the disk. Start with “file://”. Default path locations have moved around in the most recent iOS version or two.