"WWW.GetAudioClip: Streaming of 'mp3' on this plattform is not supported" even when not streaming


I’m trying to download an mp3 file in a coroutine like this:

IEnumerator Download(SongResult song) {
	Debug.Log ("Starting download for song");
	WWW www = new WWW(song.PreviewURL);
	yield return www;
	song.PreviewAudio = www.GetAudioClip(false,false,AudioType.MPEG);

The URL to download from look like this:

I dont want to stream the files but Unity does complain about not supporting streaming:

 Streaming of '' on this platform is not supported

If I add a file extension to the URL the message will change to:

 Streaming of 'mp3' on this platform is not supported

When using the audioClip property the following message is printed to the console:

 Unable to determine the audio type from the URL ("https://p.scdn.co/mp3-preview/b7fe48eac3b23c10f636544c2814bbd5dd5406cf") . Please specify the type.

Any ideas why this is happening? Plattform is Win 8.1

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It’s not a direct link to the mp3 file.