WWW in iOS does not set user agent header

I use WWW class to send event statistic. But it seem like it not sent user agent header (which I want to collect) in iOS

Is it true that it not sent?

Is it a bug? Would it be fixed?

If I need to use HashTable, how can I get user agent string from system or construct it programmatically? I don’t want to switch case by my own

Thanks for your answer

The user agent header (rfc2616) is only ment for the client software (the user agent, in your case the Unity player) to identify itself. There is no “valid standard” which tells what the header field has to contain. Most browsers include, beside their product name, things like their html renderer, operating system / hardware, … but that’s by no means a requirement since the header is even optional.

There is no “User Agent” header for the system since, again, it describes the client software. If you need this header to distinguish between iOS / Android / standalone… you have to setup your own.

Here’s a list of common User Agent headers just to get a glimpse of how many different agent-strings are out there.