WWW load mesh?

How to Load Mesh Like Obj using WWW?
or Load .asset object

.asset files are used by the editor only, and cannot be imported by the build / runtime code. To load a mesh from a file / web, you could:

  1. Use AssetBundles. Basically, use the editor to build a special unity supported data container, separate from the build, that can contain any asset types. AssetBundles can be used in tandem with Addressables package. The advantage is that AsseBundles can contain whole prefabs, with materials, meshes, textures and attached scripts (but not script code itself).
  2. Custom code: Either written by you, or some 3rd party plugin. A mesh object can be created in runtime, just instantiate a mesh and fill it with data. You are free to obtain this data from a file or http request. Quick googling gave me this: Runtime OBJ Importer | Modeling | Unity Asset Store