WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload Unity fatal error

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I have already ask this question, but I think I explained wrong.
I go try again.

I have a script for build an assetbundle. I can call this script for build on windows standalone, iphone or android, through BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows / BuildTarget.iPhone / BuildTarget.Android.

In another topic, I speak of an another problem, and because I not find a solution, I’ve update my Unity version (4.0 to 4.5). But as I does this, I have to rebuild my assetbundle.

When I built an assetbundle, I get a “.unity3d”, and I send it to my server. If I build for windows standalone, I add “_win” to the file name, “_ios” for iphone, and “_and” for android. It allows me to load the correct assetbundle, in function of platform. This method work correctly on my 4.0 version. I built and load with no problem.

Now, my problem. So, I am on Unity 4.5.x. Without surprise, if I launch my program, this one, gives me, for any assetbundle, one error that say “no good version blablabla …”.
Therefore, naturally, I know that I have to rebuild all my assetbundle. I rebuild one asset for standalone, I test, It works. I rebuild one asset for iphone (in fact ipad, but not important), I test, and I have this error on www.error : “403 Forbidden” !!!

Why I have this error, whereas, on windows I did not ? It’s the same script !

I does a lot of test, and some research, without success. I know error 403 mean that server found my assetbundle, but it refuse my access, but I don’t know why …

I realy need help … I feel that it is not much, but I block …

I hope you understand my problem (I know that my english is not good …)

In advance, thanks to you,
Kind regards.

403 Forbidden is a server response from the server you try to contact. That has nothing to do with Unity. You either issued the wrong request, or something else on your server is messed up. Again, this is a response from your server. There are endless possible reason for such an error. Maybe your filename contains illegal characters.

With the information provided we can’t help you any further.

ps: Don’t post multiple questions on the same issue. If you want to provide new information edit your question.