www object on android. what do i need to do?

code i have to get an assetbundle from my server works fine in the editor but when i publish onto a tabllt nothing is happening.

	WWW www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload (@"http://my server/model_car.unity3d", 0);

	yield return www;

the assestbundle im testing it with is only 2kb.

am i missing somehting here? im using android pro

Finally found the answer in another question.

unity says to set the target platform, so i set it in build settings in the editor which is wrong.

in the build asset script there is an overload for this funciton:

BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle(Selection.activeObject, selection, path, BuildAssetBundleOptions.CollectDependencies | BuildAssetBundleOptions.CompleteAssets, BuildTarget.Android);

How this isnt highlighted in the documentation i have no idea…

sometimes the docs are rubbish