WWW Resolving host timed out

My game server is using Google App Engine and it's a game that does not require low latency. Nevertheless, I'm getting too much resolving host timed out errors when using the WWW class to communicate with the server.

I've been with this for some months, and back then I was told that there was no way to set up WWW to increase the timeout. So,

1 - Is that really happening because of a small Unity WWW timeout? I feel I get these erros so fast (less than 3 sec.) that I'm not sure that happens because of the WWW timeout.

2 - WWW API changed, I can't see if that header in that new constructor can help me on this.

3 - One solution would be to use the C# API. Any other sugestions?

Thank you.

Somebody wrote a WWW replacement I read about a few days ago. I'm sorry I don't recall the name of it, but it gives a lot more control, specifically of timeouts. Google and/or look in Asset Store. Perhaps someone knows the name?

Sometimes it timeout.
Reboot Unity??