WWW zero sized post buffer error Standalone


When I try to make a WWW request via a WWWForm I allways get an error saying:
“You are trying to load data from a www stream which had the following error when downloading.
Error when creating request. POST request with a zero-sized post buffer is not supported.
This however only happens if the Platform in the Build Settings is set to “PC and MAC Standalone”. If I switch the platform to Web Player everything works perfectly.
Anyone an idea what might be causing this? Thx in advance.

private void MakeRequest(Uri url, HttpVerb httpVerb,
                               Dictionary<string, string> args, Action<JsonData> method)
        string requestString = url.ToString();

        if (args != null && args.Keys.Count > 0 && httpVerb == HttpVerb.GET)
            requestString += EncodeDictionary(args, true);

        WWWForm form = new WWWForm();

        // Create a download object
        download = new WWW(requestString, form);

        if(method != null)
            StartCoroutine(WaitForDownload(download, method));

    private IEnumerator WaitForDownload(WWW download, Action<JsonData> method)
        yield return download;

        JsonData data;

        if (download.error == null)
            data = JsonMapper.ToObject(download.text);

            string error = "{\"" + "error\"" + " : " + "\"" + download.error + "\"" + "}";
            data = JsonMapper.ToObject(error);

        if(method != null)

Do you need to send the data as POST instead of GET?

If not, you could skip on the WWWForm and just do new WWW(requestString)

If you do, I guess you could add some (short) simple data into the form so it doesn’t give you the error, though send in a bug report about it