WWWform- works in UnityPlayer & REST service but not on android

I’ve got a node server running RESTify, it is set up to receive JSON requests. I’ve built out a login process in Unity. The login process works correctly when using the Unity Remote! However, once I build and run the .apk the login fails without output (no console on the .apk)
I can make POST requests to my server using the same phone using a REST application. So I can rule out my phone and the server.

I’m still somewhat new to Unity, perhaps there is a way where the console information is stored on the phone? Anyway, advice on this one would be appreciated.

Graham, I believe you’ve answered the root of the question, which was ‘how do I get logs from my android’ – I’ll try this out soon and get back.

From: Unity - Manual: Log files


The device log can be viewed by using the logcat console. Use the adb application found in Android SDK/platform-tools directory with a trailing logcat parameter:

$ adb logcat

Another way to inspect the LogCat is to use the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS). DDMS can be started either from Eclipse or from inside the Android SDK/tools. DDMS also provides a number of other debug related tools.

UPDATE: It ended up being (after I learned adb logcat…) I have a self-signed cert which I was using which Unity/Android did not approve of. I removed the self-signed cert for now and things are working as expected. I’ll get a properly signed cert here soon. Thanks!