[X-WeaponTrail]The best weapon trail solution for unity.

Check the online documentation to learn more:


  • Now works with LWRP
  • No Frame lags anymore!

And the video tutorial:

Asset Store Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/20972


That certainly looks impressive. Does it work with Free or is it Pro only?

It works with Unity Free, But the distortion effect only works with Unity pro:)

looks fantastic, can't wait!

This looks really cool. Thanks for sharing it :)

Looks very cool

Hey everyone,

This tool is available on the asset store now:

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Very cool, will give it a try. Thanks man!

I think he took it off in asset store. Can't download >_<

Really cool, thanks for this

Reminds me the effect in Dust Elysian Tale and is indeed one of the best i have seen

You need Unity 4.5.2 or higher to download. I just checked and its still there and downloadable.

Sometime i wish free assets had a price :), i cant download it too, while paid ones can be downloaded if you go to the list menu.

I have to install Unity 4.5.2 to another windows, download and delete it. Or upgrade to Unity 4.5.2 and hope none of my work has any problems.

Is there any known trick to bring the free assets to the list menu ?

Hey, you just updated the X-WeaponTrail in the Asset Store and while I GREATLY appreciate the work you put into it to make it more efficient, I desperately need access to the old version so that I can implement SortingLayers for a 2d game.

Would it be possible for me to get the package from you? Thank you very much!

Hi, I'm sorry I didn't realize that the new version is not able to use with 2d sprites.
I'll submit a fixed version quickly, you can download it in the next week at the latest.

The issue is that when using Graphics.DrawMesh you don't have any way to set the sorting layer. A lot of people have requested the feature and it's in review.. but for now, they're no way to allow sorting layers with meshes unless you're using mesh components and such like you were before

I like the new more efficient version though...

Thanks for the remind.

I'll make a new option "Use with 2D", if enabled, additional mesh object will be created, otherwise use DrawMesh() to renderer the trail.

Looks like this has some compatibility issues with Xffect Editor? I'm throwing compile errors related to Xft namespace.

X-weapon trail is included in Xffect editor package by default, please delete the EnhancementTools/XWeapontrail folder in the xffect package, I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

Haha, no problem. Thank you for your support. Will you ever add any features to XWeaponTrail such as color over time?

Yes, it's still a very simple trail system. I'll keep improving it in my spare time:)

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