X,Y,Z coords of vector greater or equal or lesser or equal comparison

Hi all. I faced with a little problem when performing vector calculations. I know that Unity approximately checks for equality Vector2 and Vector3 structures and I can use Mathf.Approximately to check separate floats. But what if I should check Y coords of two vectors if they greater or equals or lesser or equals to each other, for example? The followng expression unexpectedly gives false for me:

//Vertex1.y is 123.9999985 and Vertex2.y is 124. value is false
bool value = Vertex1.y >= Vertex2.y;

What should I do in this case? Does Unity have something built-in for this? Or making my own comparison which will use Mathf.Aproximately as well as > and < is the only way?
Thanks in advance.

Mathf.Epsilon is equal to the smallest possible amount two floats can differ. This is a very small number. Mathf.Approximately checks for equality with Mathf.Epsilon as the tolerance. It is sometimes the case that your specific situation will require equality with a greater tolerance than Mathf.Epsilon. In those cases, you have to implement it yourself. Just define float tolerance = some number, and then do if(A < B + tolerance || A < B - tolerance).

This idea is semantically equivalent to whydoidoit’s comment.