Xbox 360 Kinect not working with Unity 5

I got my Xbox 360 Kinect to work with Unity 4.6 with Zigfu but when I updated to Unity 5 it isn’t working anymore. It says that OpenNi and Primesense isn’t set up correctly. Is there something I am doing wrong to set it up? I don’t want to get the Kinect V2 for windows unless I really have to.

If you’re using Xbox 360 Kinect and not the one for Windows, I would first uninstall the SDK and download 1.8

You’ll need Windows 7 to make this work, if you have Windows 8 then try setting the Compatibility on to Windows 7 when installing the SDK.

Also, uninstall OpenNI and Primesnese, that’s more geared towards using it as a Webcam and not for development.

What we use here is Windows 7 x64, Unity 5, and Xbox 360 Kinect for Windows and have had no issues using the camera on Unity. It sounds like to me that Open NI is conflicting with the SDK. Unity just needs Microsoft’s SDK to get it working and you can use the code examples to see if it’s working correctly.

Also look at this guide here for more information, it offers a step by step instruction to get it working in Unity without relying on Open NI.