Xbox 360 Kinect with Unity 3d?

I would like to make a game, but for the controller I want to used the XBOX 360 Kinetic. I was wondering if it is possible to achieve this?

You can certainly do that on Windows, but it does require installing a few drivers and middleware which makes redistribution more complicated.

A good place to start is here:

There is even a sample unity project

The above link is broken, here is the updated link for Unity - Kinect integration

The project files: offers a development kit that supports Unity3D with Kinect using the Kinect for Windows SDK from Microsoft or the OpenNI/NITE software provided by PrimeSense. We have a commercial SDK and a watermarked version for free use with plenty of sample scenes and a community of developers on our google group ( We also support compiling to the web player using our Zigfu Browser Plugin to transmit skeleton and camera data from the browser to Unity3D web player.