XBOX 360 support

hi,future version of unity3D Can create games for the Microsoft XBOX 360 console?

At the current time, it's not supported, however it was announced at the Unity 2009 conference that UT are working on it.

There are no release dates known yet.

For more information, see the Unity Feedback site feature request, here:

Look for Aras's posts for official comments on the topic.

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XBox 360 support has been announced, but no release date has been set yet.

XBOX 360 is announced in unite09 and it means it's near complete because UT announces things when they are near to complete version. i think in the Q4 of 2010 or early months of 2011 it will be released. someone from support team told me about this more than 3 months ago so they are working on it hard now. they need additional programmers because there is a position in "jobs" section of take a look at older announcements of windows, iphone and Wii versions and their release date and you'll understand the current situation about XBOX 360. they even want to support PSP and PS3 because there are jobs for PSP and PS3 and i think DS programmers in's jobs section