Xbox Controller & input manager?

im trying to create a simple way of controlling a 3rd person character with the 360 controller. I’ve been trawling this site all day but the instructions people have given just dont work for me.

What exactly do I have to do in the input manager to control my character with the left analog stick?
All im after is just a simple “up is forward, left is left, right is right, down is down.”
Im using the 3rd person prefab (Unity Construction worker) and his scripts work with input.GetAxisRaw which is correct right? But when adjusting the input manager I have tried this on the Horizontal input manager settings

Type - joystick axis

Axis - X Axis

Joy num - Joystick 1

And for Vertical I have…

Type - joystick axis

Axis - Y axis

Joy num - Joystick 1

I also made sure these are the bottom vertical & horizontal input settings, I also tried to test them from Run&Build but still no hope…

Any help would be great.

I wrote a script that wraps Gamepad input.

Using it you can access the analogue stick like so:


You can download the script here.