Xbox controller mixed up


I am having an issue where my 2 pc xbox controllers work fine in the editor, yet when I do a standalone windows build they get mixed up. By mixed up I mean controller #1 reads as joystick #2 and vice versa. On top of that the triggers behave very strangely, in that they only show input when BOTH controllers are pressing the trigger at the same time.

This also happens somewhat randomly. Has anyone experienced this or knows of a workaround?

If you start a Unity game (or even the editor itself) with more than one controller plugged in, this issue happens every time. What happens is that somehow Unity gets confused about which axises are supposed to be mapped to each controller.

The fix is to start the game with NO controllers plugged in and then plug in the controllers in the desired player order one at a time. To make sure you don’t have the issue pop up again, wait a while after plugging in a controller to plug in the next one.

Or you can use XInput or DirectInput.

Running Unity 5.3.4 in Windows 10. One Xbox 1 controller works as intended, buttons, triggers, and sticks. Two or more controllers, the buttons and sticks work fine, but the triggers get confused. Such as needing to pull triggers on two or more controllers for anything to happen. Or pulling triggers on two controllers, then letting up on one, and then it starts reading input. Has this been solved for 360 controllers? If so, I could just switch to those in place of the Xbox 1 controllers. The XInputDotNet looks a little intimidating to me at my level right now.