Xbox one controller support?

Based off windows 10 it’s said that you don’t need drivers for the xbox one controller to work. It’s integrated with the operating system. Just plug it in with a usb and your all set. I’ve done that and I’ve made a script that should work with unity where if I push up on the joystick, the character should move forward. But for some reason I don’t think unity is detecting my xbox controller. Even when I disconnect or reconnect, the console window doesn’t notify about it. Possible bug or is it just me?

There seems to be a general problem with Unity and XBone controllers. Of the 10 or so Unity games I’ve picked up in this years sales, about half don’t work with one, repeatedly moving left and with no neutral zone for zero movement. That + pad buttons are also mapped differently.

I’ll probably try and make time to have a look at this when I get home after Christmas; but from what I’ve seen so far it’s not something that Unity seems to handle well.

Also, I don’t know about the standard XBox one controller, as I have the Elite, but I had to install the XBox Accessories app from the MS store to be able to configure the controller at all, so @nerdares may want to try that, too.

Have you set up the Input.Manager for the correct axis and buttons on your xbox one controller?

See for axis/button mapping. Most of the 360 and One controls work the same. Triggers seem different but that could be a bug in Unity 5.x

This should help