Xbox One Controller triggering "submit" multiple times when 2 controllers active

I have three games in the Windows and Xbox One Creator’s marketplace. All worked fine previously, but now all of the buttons and joystick input are firing multiple times? In my main menu, if I bump down it goes two or three buttons before stopping. If I press “A” to select a menu, it triggers on the “press” and then immediately selects the next thing I highlight, so there is no way to actually see the level select menu and pick a different level.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

In the editor it does also fire on the press, but doesn’t “double” press, so it allows me to hold the “A” button down without it triggering the next item.

One clarification, apparently it only does this when a second controller is on/active? With only one, everything works fine. Once I add the second controller, it will repeatedly fire whatever button I have pressed.

On my “submit” input setting, I don’t specify controller 1 or controller 2, could that be it? Do I need to force only controller 1 to be able to move through menus?