Xbox pad triggers not individually accessible?

Sadly I’m still unable to get the triggers of an xbox pad to recognise individually. Iv tried using the 8th, 9th and 10th axis, and made sure I had the game window selected. I have tried pretty much every single thing I could google including the XInputDotNet and XInputInterface dll’s from various sources. Iv also tried the example projects that are available with the XInputDotNet but I always get a missing DLL error with regards to XInputInterface? I have tried placing the file in the project folder, the assets folder, the system 32 folder pretty much stuck it everywhere in order to try and get unity to find it, sadly still to no avail.

I’m using windows 8 64bit and unity 4.3 free, I have the XInput1_4.dll and XInput9_1_0.dll in my system 32 folder and SysWOW64 folder. If anyone can offer any advice I really cannot express how much I would appreciate it, this has been driving me nuts for 3 days now. From what Iv read this seems to have been a topic of concern for many years now, hopefully someone tell me its been fixed and easy to sort out and that I’m just really dum for not having researched very well :slight_smile:

I’m running Unity 4.2 under Windows 8 (64 bit). I’ve not installed any additional drivers beyond the Microsoft standard drivers, I’m using a standard X360 wireless controller and a cheap 3rd party wireless receiver, and this setup works for me to get separate and independent input from the two triggers:

This is what works for me:

In Input make sure you set up:
grav 0
Dead 0.001
Sensitivity - 1000
Type - Joystick Axis
Axis - 3rd axis (joysticks and ScrollWheel)
JoyNum - Get motion from all

//Right Trigger
if (Input.GetAxisRaw("L_Trigger") == 1){

//Left Trigger
if (Input.GetAxisRaw("L_Trigger") == -1){