Xbox Wireless Controller On Mac Not Working In Unity 5 Editor

Ever since I downloaded Unity 5 my wireless xbox game pad has stopped working in Unity. I use it pretty heavily and I’m worried that it is not supported any longer. I know that the computer is receiving the input. There is a profiler for the controller in Mac system preferences that reacts when I use any button or axis, but if I try using “Input.anyKey” in unity, the only thing it reacts to is the keyboard. I am also not having any trouble with my mouse input axes.

I mainly want to know if this problem is unique to me, or if any/every one else with this set up is having the same problem. I haven’t turned up anyone else discussing it by searching. Any suggestions for fixing it are welcome, of course.

UPDATE: Clearly this bug is consistent with at least a few people. I have opened a case for it in the bug reporter but it has not yet gotten a public page where people can go to up-vote and comment on it, so it may help the process along if we collect info about it here in the mean time. If you are working with the same hardware and have/haven’t had this same experience, please comment about it to help shape the scope of how consistent this bug is. Or if you use a different controller or are on a different platform, but have these same problems, it couldn’t hurt to mention it.


  • Mac controller will work when the controller is connected and active during Unity Editor startup (one report of this not even working with wired controller).
  • If the controller is activated or reactivated while the editor is open, it will have no functionality.
  • Any use of the controller outside the editor, such as in a standalone build, works as normal.

I have also found that the editor is not the only affected platform. While testing a web player version made using cloud build the same behavior listed above occurred. I have not yet tested a web player version outside of cloud build. I’m going to keep a list of platforms below to help keep track of this bug.


  • Unity 5 Editor (still active as of 5.1)
  • Unity 5 Web Player (tested with Cloud Build version)

I think we actually found what it is, at least for us. The Cintiq we have plugged to our iMac seems to screw up the connection with the XBox controller. Maybe they conflict with each other, so here it is our workaround:

  • Turn off the Cintiq
  • Close Unity
  • Plug your XBox controller
  • Try to play, should work now
  • You can now safely turn back on your Cintiq

This should be applicable to anything that interferes with the Mac input system.
Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

I’ve only had this issue on my Mac if I turn on the Xbox controller while Unity is already open.
If my controller is already on before opening Unity then it works perfectly.

I highly recommend purchasing Rewired from the asset store and using that for all of your controller inputs instead. It works extremely well, supports a huge variety of controllers, and is easily customized. I bought it a couple of months ago and couldn’t imagine doing controllers any other way now. Well worth the $40!

Go here to check it out

EDIT: I actually bought InControl first, got it to work, but was very unhappy with it. Rewired is farrrrr better.