I use unity3d 5.3.5f1 64 bit on windows10.

In buildsettings it shows: No Xbox One module loaded.

When i click on the button “Open Download page” it opens my webbrowser with the error-message “Not found” with this url:

It’s the same in Unity 5.3.4f1.
In Unity 5.1.3f1 i can start the modul manager, but there is no XBOX-One-modul.

Where can i get the XBoxOne-Support-Module ?

I found the answer.

From what I gather, there is no module. Instead, you just build your game as a UWP, run it through Visual Studio, then send it to your Xbox One. You can view a complete guide here:

Make sure you have the Windows Store Module installed, that will give you access to the settings you need in Unity.

This is the kind of thing you get when you register as an xbone developer with Microsoft, which you need to do to actually get a developer console anyways.

@Flaring Afro, Dev Console counts as a retail Xbox One in Dev mode; provided you’ve got a Dev Account which is only a one time fee of $19. You don’t need an official, expensive, developer console. You also do not get any sort of indication of such module when you are accepted into the program. I’ve yet to find it and I’m a registered developer. If I find anything, OP, I’ll let you know.