XCode 5 problems with ios Build and Run

When I just ‘Build and Run’ an old project i was automatically lead to install XCode 5. Now I have problems. I am using Unity 4.2.2, ios7 on ipad mini, and XCode 5 on mac osx 10.8.5.

  1. when i build and try to run projects (that have had no problems with the recent XCode) i get the error that my QCARUnityPlayer.h file cannot be found so i drag the file into my classes folder of this project. Now i am able to Run the project but…
  2. Now i get EXC_BAD_ACCESS error that appears in the debug navigator tab in Thread 1. it looks like the error has to do with app icon images that jive with ios 7 but i update app image sizes to 76x76 and still no work.
  3. please help. i am total amatuer with scripting but have been using vuforia sdk with unity/ ios developing for nearly a year now with no problems until ios7/xcode 5 update.
  4. thank you

I have resolved my problem. the issue was after updating unity, my vuforia unity ios package needed to be reloaded and updated.
all is well! back to enjoying making AR with unity. awesome.