Xcode does not show any logs in debug area and unity crash .

Hi .
I can not see any logs in debug area when I run my game in my IPad . Development and script debugging is on in build setting in unity . I also connect my Ipad by USB and WiFi. I am using Xcode 4.3 and Target IOS is 4.0 .
Why Xcode doe not show anything?
Thanks for your reply.

OK. let me ask this way . How to get unity logs to be shown in Xcode 4.3?

The Unity log will be shown or Xcode will show an error in its own view if it fails due to most errors (you don’t need to do anything for this). However, iOS spring board will kill your app without warning if it takes too long to start up. Your app will also be killed if it uses too much memory, but you are likely to see an applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning log message in this case. That might not happen if you allocate too much memory in one fell swoop.

It is odd that you are not seeing any startup messages at all in Xcode (including the apple specific ones).