Xcode Error: IOAF Code 3


Whilst testing my game on my iPhone I got the following Error in xCode:

Execution of the command buffer was
aborted due to an error during
execution. Caused GPU Hang Error (IOAF
code 3)

At first it didn’t seem to affect my game much but then at one point it completely freezed it and i just get a shaky image that looks like the game keeps switching between the two same frames. Anyone any idea where that might come from and how to fix it?

BTW: I didn’t add any new shaders or modify the existing ones during the last build…

I ran into this error, and what ended up fixing it was switching the quality level for iOS from “fantastic” back down to the default “simple”. You may be able to tweak one of the particular settings and achieve the same result. I had this happen on Unity 5.6.0 beta 11.

Edit: I did some further testing, and it appears to specifically be antialiasing causing my problem. I can leave the rest of the fantastic settings in place, but the IOAF Code 3 error only goes away if I turn off antialiasing.