Xcode error when archiving, please help

I’m getting a lot of errors while trying to archive my game. I’m using Unity 5 and Xcode 7!

I tried archiving with the just the arm7 architecture, however I was required to use the arm64 architecture, and as soon as I changed it, I got these errors.

I tried plugging up my device and that didn’t work either.

Please help!

Hey there. I’m not the master of iOS development so please correct me if I’m wrong:

“undefined symbols” in xCode is thrown when some library in the project is referring to a class/variable/method/etc… that is not defined anywhere. In case of unity3D builds it’s the libiPhone.lib in the Libraries folder (unless you are using some additional plugins).

There may be couple of reasons this error is thrown. The most common one is using plugins in Unity3D that do not support x64 builds. In this case you need to check with the plugin developer if they have released x64 version. If yes - update, if no… it’s going to be painful - you will need to check if they have iOS SDK (they will, 99% sure) and you will have to write scripts on both side of the platform (Unity ↔ xCode) to calls to SDK methods and receive callbacks. If you don’t know native iOS app development get started right now. You’ll learn everything you need to know in a day.

Now the less common reason you might have this error is if you are maintaining 2 projects separately - one for Unity and one for xCode - and are maintaining all the SDK’s on xCode side (in this way you have much bigger control on what’s going on in your project, and do not have to worry about re-writing xCode plugins on every new Unity build). In this case when switching to x64 you probably didn’t copy the Classes > Native folder from the latest unity build to xCode project AND reference it in xCode. After that you would have to change the whole series of settings in xCode to make the project x64. I’ve never done that - I had a small project, for me it was easier to generate a clean build from Unity using ill2cpp and copy my plugins from x32 xCode project to the new x64 project.

Hope I made myself understood