Xcode Files in Asset Server

How can plugin code be stored in the asset server?

I am creating a iOS application in unity and using Asset Server. I added plugins/modifications to the xcode project and I would like them to be controlled/stored in the asset server. Any suggestions on how I can do that?

Asset Server only version controls your Project Settings and what exists in your Assets folder (maybe some other things I'm not mentioning aswell). This is sufficient as long as you don't have anything that needs to exist outside of that folder.

Unfortunately with iPhone and the like, there are things that need to be outside of the Assets folder like the iPhoneStreamingAssets folder where you would place your video files. We obviously want those to be version controlled too.

What my team did for a workaround was just create a folder inside of Assets called "MOVE CONTENTS OF FOLDER OUTSIDE ASSETS BEFORE BUILDING" (long, but self explanatory) and inside that folder was the iPhoneStreamingAssets folder which contained all the videos for the game.

Whenever it was noted that those files had changed, we'd update them manually by copying them out to their needed location.

Again, a work around but it's relatively simplistic as long as your team uses the change log.