xcode instruments memory allocation keeps adding up, empty scene!

So i had some trouble with crashes and memory issues working on my project and decided to track what was going on using the profiler in Xcode to see what memory is allocated, i found out it just kept adding up. So i started commenting out stuff so maybe i could find what would cause this, no matter what i removed the problem persisted. So i created a new empty scene, no scripts attached no objects nothing, and to my surprise overall memory allocation just keeps adding up. This doesn’t make any sense to my knowledge, is there any explanation for this?

here is a screenshot of the xcode profiler (in blue), this is after approx 15 minutes and it just steadily goes up as time progresses.

What version of unity is this?

Have you tried to check out the memory usage in the memory profiler in unity?

If it still persists, could you file a bug report on this