XCode Linking Errors. Unity 5.2.3f1 XCode 7.2


Just starting out with Unity and tried publishing an empty scene (with just a single plane, camera and directional light) to iOS (minimum version 8.0).

Ended up with a bunch of Linking errors (201 errors) on XCode when trying to compile to the iPhone 6 simulator:

ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/kusumaw/Desktop/Projects/Unity5/TestiOSProject/Build/iOS/iPhone/Libraries/libiPhone-lib.a, missing required architecture x86_64 in file /Users/kusumaw/Desktop/Projects/Unity5/TestiOSProject/Build/iOS/iPhone/Libraries/libiPhone-lib.a (3 slices)
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“_UnityADBannerViewFailedToLoad”, referenced from:
-[UnityADBanner bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError:] in iAD.o
“_UnityADBannerViewWasClicked”, referenced from:
-[UnityADBanner bannerViewActionDidFinish:] in iAD.o
“_UnityADBannerViewWasLoaded”, referenced from:
-[UnityADBanner bannerViewDidLoadAd:] in iAD.o
“_UnityADInterstitialADWasLoaded”, referenced from:
-[UnityInterstitialAd interstitialAdDidLoad:] in iAD.o
“_UnityBindFramebuffer”, referenced from:


I have the same problem, from what i hear, it could be an error with unity.