Xcode reports a corrupted level only when compiled with IL2CPP but Mono2x works fine.

When compiling in IL2CPP (Unity 5.4.2f2), Xcode reports that my game level is corrupted and with this error some of the scripts in the level are not running. Unfortunately this is the only error I’m seeing from Xcode so I’m at a loss on the next steps to debug. I suspect the level itself is not the issue as it plays fine within Unity itself and when compiled with Mono2x all scripts run and everything works as expected on an iOS device.

In researching the issue I did try removing non-running scripts from game objects and reconnecting them based on the following suggestion without success: Some scripts not running on device with IL2CPP - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Are there any debugging tips or places to look which I might be missing to find the issue? Perhaps some additional log details that are not immediately exposed in Xcode?

Thank you.

Upgrading to 5.5 and reimporting the assets has resolved the issue. It appears 5.4.2f2 had a bug in IL2CPP which caused this odd behaviour. An easy fix in the end, but with hours of fruitless debugging – that’s game development for you! :slight_smile: