xcode subsequent build fails


Ok, I am trying to build and run from xcode but I get an error: here is the step I do that lead to that problem.

1: In Unity: I "build and run". It opens xcode, build, instal on the ipad and run fine 2: In xCode: I then stop the session 3: In xCode: I change for example something like keys in info.plit 4: In xCode: I clean all targets 5: In xCode: I hit build and run: it then throw the following

Uncaught Exception: -[PBXDebugScriptCommand debugSessionDidStart:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x201294120

Stack Backtrace: The stack backtrace has been logged to the console.

xcode now is stuck, I try to clean but then does nothing, and have to force quit...

NOW. if I restart xCode and hit "build and run" it works fine.

so either I miss a step in xcode to cut the rope between unity and xcode or something within xcode needs to be changed, cleaned or done.

What is the necessary step to not have to build and run everytime from Unity, just because I want to change a value or script in xcode...



I had this problem as well, the trick I use is to use Apple-key + B to build (not run) in Unity. Then use XCode to build &run. This works for me.