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Hello all,
I have been all over the web
I usually publish things to testflight from Unity(5) through latest xCode without any issues, but sometimes, out of the blue, it rejects archiving to upload to the dev site & I get this:

Unable to extract Archive. Unity-iPhone.ipa does not exist

“The archive is invalid. /var/folders/_k/9jd5s_9d1h59l72f3bfs018r0000gn/T/XCodeDistPipeline.9UU/Unity-iPhone.ipa does not exist.”

But it does!

So based on other sage advice, the path might be wrong…

in xCode the path to the Library under Build settings says :

(inherited) "(SRCROOT)" “$(SRCROOT)/Libraries”

I have hear removing / or “” can help. but nothing seems to…

Any ideas? I believe I have narrowed it down correctly

the only there thing that seems to get this is when the "Application requires iPhone environment " is not set to Yes. but mine is.

This is torture. Any help is so appreciated !


Hello All !

Both these answers actually did work!!

The problem was a Plugin!

I am running 5 Beta
and was also getting this suspicious sign:


Nobody cold help - because nobody knew exactly what it was (happened to be VTPro a great plugin that has issues maybe with the beta)

By removing things that have no entitlement. The app was able to run!

Hopefully this may be of help to others

i don’t know why VTPAVF.bundle is getting added to your build. That shouldn’t happen. Just delete it- that’s the OSX VTP plugin. Bizarre… you should report a bug if OSX plugin bundles are getting added to your iOS builds.