Xcode - Unity Takes Ages Compiling?


Whenever I use xcode to compile my Unity project onto my iPhone for testing, it takes ages. There’s literally a couple of scripts within my Unity project, and no assets.

It takes a good 10 minuets to compile. Now I’m pretty new to using Unity on the iPhone, just want to know if this is normal behaviour?


5 - 10 minutes is about the normal time it takes to export a build from Unity to xCode and then to your device.
This can get quite annoying, but unfortunately there isn’t much you can do, that’s just how long it takes for xCode to finish compiling.
If you don’t need xcode to debug your app, then you can also disable the DSYM file in the build settings to decrease the wait time quite significantly.
Here’s a thread on how to disable the DSYM file in xcode: XCode: "Generating dSYM file" step is repeated on every application run - Stack Overflow

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