XR Interaction toolkit and URP Camera problem the second time i hit play

Hi everyone, im using Unity 2022.3.7 version. I installed the XR Interaction toolkit and URP. When i load the game i can hit play and it work perfectly and everything as it should, but once i stop it and hit play again (without touching anything) the game view goes black and this error appears:

The only way to play again is to save, close the full editor and open it again.

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Is this problem still happening?

If so: This error mentions RenderPass index, can you check your Stereo Rendering Mode? Maybe try changing that. The setting I’m thinking of is here, and I’m just guessing but maybe it is relevant, try switching from Multipass to Multiview or back:

Other than that, I don’t know Unity internals well enough to guess why that would happen on the second time you run it unless you’re accessing some prefab and modifying that at run time. After you run the game once, do you see any file differences (e.g. in github or other change management)?

Same error happens to me and I am using Pico Vr

It happens because there is another camara in the scene, i disable every camera except the player one and the error is gone