XR Interaction Toolkit Preview detecting wrong controller

I’m very new to VR Development and so I’ve been following the tutorial made by Valem on youtube earlier this year.

I’m using the XR Interaction Toolkit preview and when I go to play my project, I’ll load it up and it’ll have the wrong controller model. So I plugged the detected controller input type into a debug and it says I’m using the oculus touch controllers, which is a problem because I’m actually using an Oculus Rift S which uses the Oculus Quest controllers.

Does anyone know what might be the problem or where I can even begin to look for a solution? There’s nothing online about this problem anywhere.


Hello @Endersky1, can you try and configure your settings on the right and left controller on your Unity Project properly or if you have a screenshot, please feel free to share so that I can understand your problem better.