XR Plugin Management infinite import loop

I have updated a project from the version 2019.2.21f1 to 2019.3.0f6. It was a project that was using VR and was set-up to work with oculus rift and HTC vive, with steam VR. I have seen that the old XR settings were now deprecated and I’ve decided to switch to the new Plugin Management. Unfortunately, when I do that, I get an infinite loop of Import com.unity.xr.oculus.standalone.

It imports it, does some other loadings (can’t see them they pass too fast), and imports again and does it again. I have let it a whole night and it doesn’t seem to change. If I manage to cancel the import, I can interact with the project but I have some errors and can’t run it.

The project still works with the old legacy settings, but I was wondering if there is a way to switch to the new one.

Had this problem too.
First I stopped it from looping by editing a .cs file and introducing a compiler error. Just delete a semi colon somewhere.

Then go to the Steam_VR_Settings asset and uncheck the “Auto Enable VR” box. For me this was in “Assets/SteamVR_Resources/Resources/SteamVR_Settings.asset”.

Now you can fix your c# again.

in my case:

  1. Uninstall SteamVR Plugin
  2. Install XR Plugin Management
  3. Select Plugin Provider: Oculus

=> Success

The same happens to me. It is so frustrating.