XR teleportation problem


Hi everyone. I am trying to make a VR experience for a school project by following the Valem Tutorial on youtube. When I try to teleport to a location on my plane, it keeps teleporting 0.5 meters in the air. I have tried everything and searched every forum on the internet but no one seems to want to help me or know the anwser. I am using the XR interaction toolkit. Is there anyone who can help me?

To fix the teleportation height issue in your VR project using the XR Interaction Toolkit:

  1. Ground Detection: Ensure the teleportation ray starts from the correct position on the VR controller and points downward.
  2. Teleportation Offset: Adjust any teleportation height offset settings to bring the teleportation point closer to the ground.
  3. Terrain Alignment: Confirm that the terrain collider is set up correctly and aligned with the ground.
  4. XR Rig Configuration: Check the XR Rig’s height to match the player’s height and ensure correct configuration.
  5. Toolkit Update: Use the latest version of the XR Interaction Toolkit to benefit from bug fixes.
  6. Community Support: Seek help from the XR Interaction Toolkit community or forums for specific problem-solving.
  7. Debugging: Implement debug logs or visual indicator to identify and correct unexpected teleportation offsets. this will help you. thia will help you